Registration for Ngöndro - Fundamentet for buddhistisk praksis

Start Date : 2016-07-22 End Date : 2016-07-24
Seminar Fee : DKK 0.00

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Contact person outside Gomde

As Gomde is remote from many kinds of public service and we have many guests from near and far, we would like every seminar participant to give us an address to a closest relative or other contact person to get in touch with in the very unlikely case of an injury or health problem

Special Arrival / Departure Information

If you plan to arrive or depart at other times than the start and end of the seminar, please provide estimated times of arrival and departure to help us planning for the kitchen, working teams, etc.
7 Seng på sovesal DKK 800.00
2 Seng på delt dobbeltværelse DKK 1200.00
3 Seng på enkeltværelse DKK 1600.00
2 Børn & unge 6-25 år: basic gebyr & sovesal DKK 200.00
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