Open Sky Dharma

Erik Pema Kunsang

Start Date : 2021-12-02

End Date : 2021-12-05




Open Sky Dharma

December 2 - 5 2021



Meditation teaching in English 


Erik Pema Kunsang


“The five emotions are like clouds in the sky, that makes us unable to see clearly. To see clearly and be like an open space, we need to let the clouds dissolve. Like the changing weather in the outer sky, we mainly notice the weather and forget to see the unchanging quality of space. Being like an open space is exactly what we train in on this retreat.”


In this retreat, Erik Pema Kunsang will give instructions for discovering our inner sky and how we can let this openness express itself as love and self-confidence in life, using a special instruction from Shri Singha in combination with Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche’s instructions on outer, inner and innermost sky.


Teaching daily from 7-9 am CET.


This teaching is organized by Chinese students of Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche. For Chinese translation please register on their platform. To follow the teaching in English, register here. The price you choose on the registrations page, supports the deveopment and dharma activities at Gomde Denmark.

You will recieve the a zoom link a day before the teaching begins.


Everyone are welcome at this online teaching. If you can't afford any of the available pricings, please write us at


Recordings will be made available, so you can participate from every timezone.

Notice on the beginning of the retreat


If you would like to participate in these teachings you are welcome to do so on this zoom link:

Meeting ID: 891 0414 4776

Password: 212121

Teaching schedule 

2. December: 8 - 9 am (CET): Teaching

3. - 5. December 7 - 9 am (CET): Teaching



To formally register and make a donation, please fill the registration formular here or use this link:









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