Introduction to Madhyamaka

Khenpo Tokpa Tulku

Start Date : 2018-06-29

End Date : 2018-07-01

In this seminar Khenpo Tokpa Tulku will be teaching on the profound wisdom of Madhyamaka, which belongs to the later schools of Buddhist philosophy founded by Nagarjuna, one of the greatest buddhist philosophers of all time. According to Madhyamaka, all phenomena are empty of nature, a substance or essence  which gives them solid and independent existence, because they are dependently co-arisen. But this "emptiness" itself is also "empty": it does not have an existence on its own, nor does it refer to a transcendental reality beyond or above phenomenal reality.

Khenpo Tokpa Tulku also teaches Buddhist Philosophy at the Rangjung Yeshe Institute - Centre for Buddhist Studies. 

Khenpo will be teaching in English and not translated into Danish.


Teachings will begin on June 29th in the evening and end in the afternoon on July 1st. Program will be annonced later.


Who can attend?

Anybody with an interest in Buddhist Philosophy 


Prices and Payment

Khenpo Tokpa Tulku is paid by your donations only. Suggested donation is 200 DKK (30 Euros) per day. At the end of the seminar you will have the opportunity to give your donation for the teachings directly to Khenpo.

There is also a basic fee for participating in seminars at Gomde. This fee includes all meals and the practicalities of running the seminar. The fee is kept low thanks to many helping hands. 

NB: All fees must be paid online via PayPal when you register. See also Gomde's cancellation and refund policy HERE.

Prices for participation (including all meals) for the full seminar in DKK:




Basic fee and camping


Basic fee and dormitory


Basic fee and bed in shared double room


Basic fee and single room


Children & young people 6-25 yrs:
Basic fee and camping 



For further practical information regarding your stay at Gomde, please see HERE

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